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The Paypal Giving Fund

At Beth Aaron, we are always looking for new ways to better our service to our members.

For the last few years, our members have been able to pay for seats for the High Holidays and special events, as well as membership fees, with credit cards through PayPal. This process has made it easy for members to pay their obligations to the shul. At the same time, the shul has enjoyed decreased administrative costs and increased collections. 

The downside to the use of credit cards is the fee charged by PayPal. This expense is borne either by the person making the payment through PayPal or by the shul.

We recently have found an additional method, the PayPal Giving Fund, for accepting online credit card donations and payments that doesn’t charge eiher the payor (you) or the payee (the shul) an administrative fee. Similar to the Jewish Communal Fund and other charitable funds, the PayPal Giving Fund is a non-profit to which people can make donations. In turn, the Fund supports programs like ours. When you make a donation through our link, Beth Aaron will receive 100% of your donation, with no credit card expense for either party.

The Fund can be used for one-time donations.

Donations made through the Fund will be posted to members’ accounts the month after they are given, as PayPal will transfer the money to us once a month (in the month after the donation is made).

Visit for more details or to pay shul obligations using this new method.


Sat, August 13 2022 16 Av 5782