Meet our Rabbi

Rabbi Larry Rothwachs and his wife, Chaviva, along with their children, joined Beth Aaron in 2002. They have brought a youthful energy and enthusiastic vibe to our shul and have been warmly embraced by our entire kehilla.  Both the Rabbi and Chaviva were raised in Fair Lawn, NJ and grew up in that nearby northern New Jersey Jewish community, thus permitting them to develop a familiarity with our community and its strengths and needs.

After attending Yeshiva University, with semicha from RIETS and a Masters Degree in Education from Azrieli, Rabbi Rothwachs served as Assistant Rabbi at Congregation AABJD in West Orange, NJ, before coming to Beth Aaron. He has taught Talmud as a popular rebbe in MTA (Yeshiva University High School for Boys), and is now a beloved and renowned eighth-grade rebbe at the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey. In addition to his full-time duties at the helm of our kehilla, Rabbi Rothwachs previously served in a rotating position as President of the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County, the Orthodox va’ad ha-rabbanim (board of rabbis) that is responsible for kashruth supervision at local eateries, as well as representing the Orthodox population in communal issues in the county. During the summers, the Rabbi often uses his time off to work in Jewish camps, most recently as a rebbe in the NCSY Kollel for Boys in Israel, while Chaviva serves as Assistant Director of Michlelet NCSY Israel program for Girls.
Rabbi Rothwachs is well-respected and revered, but he is also down to earth and approachable. Together with Chaviva, they have worked tirelessly through the challenges our community has faced, as well as enthusiastically celebrated our smachot and happy times. Their warm-hearted, sincere demeanor and attention to each member’s individual needs make them a unique and treasured asset to our shul.
Creating a place of Torah learning for every level -- for every community member, of every age and ability -- has been Rabbi Rothwachs’ mission for our shul since he arrived. He has truly risen to the challenge, promoting a full schedule of popular shiurim, with something for everyone at any given moment, along with a warm, inviting beit midrash environment. He sees Beth Aaron not only as the spiritual home for every member, but also as a place that serves the emotional and social needs of our community  through unique and inclusive programming, as well as his personal availability to every member in need. Under his tutelage, we have become a popular destination kehilla, bursting at the seams, and are currently in the midst of a long-awaited and eagerly anticipated expansion. The Rabbi and Chaviva are excited, as the increased space that will soon become available in our shul will permit them not only to continue the programs they have initiated, but also to increase the volume of shiurim, programming for children and adults, and opportunities for the kehilla to share their smachot together.
Fri, August 18 2017 26 Av 5777