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Congregation Beth Aaron


Sunday, 26 Adar: Menucha & Hillel Hyman and Debby & David Sheffey, 
commemorating the yahrtzeit of Hillel and Debby’s father, 
Rabbi Chaim Hyman, ha-Rav Chaim ben Yehuda ha-Kohen

Sunday, 26 Adar: Miriam & Izzy Salomon, 
commemorating the yahrtzeit of Izzy’s mother,
ea Salomon, Leah bat Avraham Tzvi

Sunday, 26 Adar: Marilyn Zeidel, 
commemorating the yahrtzeit of her father-in-law, 
Moshe Tzvi Zeidel, Moshe Tzvi ben Zev

Monday, 27 Adar: Marsha & Herb Edelman, 
commemorating the yahrtzeit of Herb’s father, 
Philip Edelman, Ephraim ben Moshe

Thursday, 1 Nisan: Evie & Alden Leifer, 
commemorating the yahrtzeit of Alden’s mother, 
Trudy Leifer, Gittel bat Shlomo Yakov ha-Levi


All Events
  • Thursday ,
    MarMarch  23 , 2023
    Rabbi Baruch Simon Pre-Pesach Shiur
    Thursday, Mar 23rd 8:15p to 10:15p
    Rabbi Baruch Simon, Rosh Yeshiva at RIETS, will deliver a Pre-Pesach shiur, "Chametz on Erev Pesach: Double Servitude and Double Redemption." The shiur will discuss both Divrei Halacha and Agada on the topic.


  • Saturday ,
    MarMarch  25 , 2023
    Foundations Minyan
    Shabbat, Mar 25th 9:15a to 11:00a
    The "Foundations Minyan" in memory of Andy Dimond, z"l, is an immersive and dynamic tefillah experience that includes insights into the prayers and Torah reading.  Led by Rabbi Hayyim Angel and others, this minyan is open to everyone of all backgrounds. For more information contact David Fisher at or Michelle Dimond at To make a donation, go to


  • Saturday ,
    MarMarch  25 , 2023
    Women's Rosh Chodesh Shiur
    Shabbat, Mar 25th 5:35p to 6:35p
    Rachel Hercman will offer the women’s Rosh Chodesh Nisan shiur, “Next Level: The Gift and Grit of Chodesh Nisan.”


  • Saturday ,
    MarMarch  25 , 2023
    4th through 6th grade Boys’ Mishna Group
    Shabbat, Mar 25th 6:15p to 6:45p


  • Saturday ,
    MarMarch  25 , 2023
    Paint Night 2023
    Motzei Shabbat, Mar 25th 8:45p to 9:45p
    Pesach-themed Paint Night.


  • Sunday ,
    MarMarch  26 , 2023
    Pre-Pesach Arts and Crafts and Family Games
    Sunday, Mar 26th 10:00a to 11:30a
    The Pre-Pesach Arts and Crafts and Family Games program is open to children ages 5 and up. The cost is $5 per child. Registration is required.


  • Wednesday ,
    MarMarch  29 , 2023
    Rabbi Lauer Pre-Pesach Shiur
    Wednesday, Mar 29th 8:15p to 10:15p
    Rabbi Neil Lauer will offer a special pre-Pesach shiur, “Pharaoh's Second Act: A Perspective on Yetziat Mitzrayim.”


  • Friday ,
    MarMarch  31 , 2023
    Shabbat ha-Gadol Dinner
    Friday, Mar 31st 6:35p to 7:55p
    Reservations required. Space is limited.


  • Saturday ,
    AprApril  1 , 2023
    Torah Tots
    Shabbat, Apr 1st 10:00a to 11:00a
    Members and their children up to age 3 are invited to experience the Torah Tots program, where toddlers will enjoy their very first exposure to shul and davening.


  • Saturday ,
    AprApril  1 , 2023
    Shabbat ha-Gadol Lunch
    Shabbat, Apr 1st 11:00a to 12:55p
    Reservations required. Space is limited.


  • Saturday ,
    AprApril  1 , 2023
    Pre-Pesach Chocolate Seder
    Shabbat, Apr 1st 5:00p to 6:00p
    There will be a Pre-Pesach Chocolate Seder for children from Nursery School to Grade 5. All chocolate will be parve and nut-free.



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