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Beyond the Call


Dear Member,

We write to thank our members for going "lifnim m'shurat hadin" and well above what is expected of our members.   

We also write to ask for your participation in our "Beyond the Call Campaign", which was created a few years ago to help reduce our shul's mortgage and meet the ongoing cost of maintenance of our special Mikdash Me'at. We hope you will consider joining this campaign whereby families that have finished paying off their building fund obligation, whether this year or in years prior, will join us in going “Beyond The Call” and continue paying the annual building fund. While Baruch Hashem the shul has paid off it's mortgage, the building still needs constant maintenance.  Over the next few months all of our HVAC systems will be updated.  Our current HVAC system is at end of life, and we have spent a lot of money and time keeping them up and running.  These new heat and air conditioning units will be more energy efficient than what we have today which will also help us use less power to ensure our bills don't keep rising.

If you have finished paying off your building fund obligation but want to continue supporting our shul in a meaningful way, we ask that you join us in going "Beyond The Call" and pledging $570 toward this year's campaign. If you are unable to make the $570 payment, we ask that you consider an amount of $285, which equals half of your previous yearly payment. 

Most importantly, we ask that you consider this participation without reducing other giving to Beth Aaron. Your participation this year creates no obligation for the future.

The names of those participating in this effort will be recognized in the shul each year. It is our hope that families will participate without requesting anonymity, so that we can work towards fostering a culture of voluntary participation in the financial health of the shul. Please join us as we strive to meet this goal.

If you are willing to participate, or you are interested in providing more support, we urge you to speak with us about dedication opportunities at Beth Aaron. Please contact Moishe B. Singer at, or contact the office at Please identify your pledge or payment as relating to the “Beyond the Call Building Fund Support Campaign.”
Very truly yours,

Steven and Felicia Hoenig
Josh and Esther Klavan
Moishe B. & Yacha Singer



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Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784