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Congregation Beth Aaron

Update 2/26/2015

Six days ago, I had to notify you of closure of our building for Shabbat and a then-unknown period of time afterwards. In this season of ve-nahafoch hu, I am pleased to be able to report that -- subject to the new subfloor, the moving of the pews, and the related clean-up being completed on a very tight schedule -- we are hoping to be able to greet Shabbat Zachor, and certainly Purim, with all of our activities on their regular schedule and in their regular spaces. 

The facility generally, and the Main Sanctuary in particular, will be fairly raw in the absence of the Aron, the Shulchan, and the Amud, which will be restored only after the flooring, carpeting, and missing portions of the ceiling have been fully replaced. Hopefully, joy and appreciation for our quick return to our Mikdash Me'at can compensate for the absence of the crowning touches that ordinarily accent our K'vod ha-Torah and K'vod ha-Tefilla

Because of the ongoing work in the building, I expect that there will continue to be inconveniences over the next several weeks. Currently, these include the unavailability of the Book Room (which is being used for storage and staging), the boxes in the rear coatroom, and our office not being fully functional. We appreciate your patience, which will continue to be necessary for weeks to come as repair work continues. 

We would like to make a few requests as we go into Shabbat:  

First, the building remains a construction site. While this continues, please stay away from open areas, equipment, scaffolding, and the like. Please honor signs that tell you to avoid certain areas. 

Second, please be particularly carefully to monitor where your children are and what they are doing, if they are not in groups or in the teen minyan. For the duration, it is particularly important that children not be wandering or playing in the hallways or lobby without the supervision of their parents. 






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Wed, 4 March 2015 13 Adar 5775