The Beth Aaron Yom Kippur Appeal:

Now is the Time


The Yomim Noraim are here, and our Yom Kippur Appeal has begun. 

With the Yomim Noraim rapidly approaching, we ask for your participation in one of our beloved shul’s most important campaigns: The Annual Yom Kippur Appeal. 

Our goal this year is to match or exceed the $85,000 raised in last year’s appeal.  This amount would cover 15% of our budgeted annual expenses for this year. 

100% Participation


We are in the time of "teshuva, tefilla, and tzedakah". Now is the right time for you to join with your friends and neighbors and take responsibility for the continued success of Beth Aaron.  Only through the combined efforts of our committed members such as you will our shul be able to thrive and grow.

Thank You!


For those who have already made their commitment to this year's appeal, we thank you.  If you've not yet made your commitment to Beth Aaron, please consider doing so now. Together we can accomplish amazing things for our mikdash me'at.

Pledge and/or pay online

To better serve our members and donors, there are three options for donating to the Yom Kippur Appeal:

  1. Make a donation in full
  2. Make a donation and have it charged to your PayPal account, spread out over a few months
  3. Make a pledge to your account for billing later (you must be logged in to ShulCloud to use this option)

This is how your name will be displayed, unless you select anonymous below.

If the amount of the donation will be listed with "anonymous" in place of name.



Fri, August 18 2017 26 Av 5777