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In Search of Freedom, Preparing for Pesach and Beyond



Echoes of Exodus: The External Tale of Maggid and Jewish History



The Three Semesters of Makkos



Liberation from Within: The Journey of Sefiras Ha'omer



Torah Demystified



Getting off on the right foot



While you were sleeping



Wow, that's wild



Moving On or Moving Forward? (Shabbat Shuva 5782)





Sharing Thoughts and Prayers 


Title Date File

Scheduled Spontaneity and Shaky Structures: Confronting the Paradox of Jewish Prayer




Taking in the View - The Extraordinary Landscape of Jewish Prayer 12/7/2020

What the Siddur Can Teach us About the History, Faith and Spirit of the Jewish People 12/14/2020

Giving and Receiving: The Foundational Relationship of Sacrifice and Prayer 12/21/2020





Morning, Afternoon, and Night - The Three Gateways of Prayer 12/28/2020

Please Confirm Receipt: How Do I Know If My Prayers Have Been Answered?  1/11/2021



Torah from Rabbi Rothwachs

Pre-Pesach Planning Shuir  click here


Capitol Offenses: In Search of a Torah Inspired Response


Lost in Communication (Parshas Vayechi)


The Beginning of the End: Reflections on Asara B'Tevet 


אדם לעמל יולד: The Torah Imperative of Self-Improvement


"Zos Chanukah": Chanukah's Climactic Finale


The Making of a Name (Parshat Vayishlach)


Piece of Mind: Dreams in Halacha and Hashkafa  


Needs or Wants? (No, They're Not the Same), Parshat Vayeitzei 


Face Value: The Power of Empathy (Parshas Toldos) 


Succos Question and Answers (October 5) Rabbi Rothwachs Click here

Shabbos Shuva 5781

Shabbos Shuva Drasha: What 5780 Taught Us About Ourselves


Elul Be Prepared


Title Date File
From Low Spirits to High Holidays: Anxiously Awaiting 5781 9/1/2020




Torah during self isolation

Peasach- Erev Erev Shavous


Name Title Date Audio Link   Video Link
R' Gedalyah Berger A Machlokes to End All Machlokes : The Mysterious Splitting of Hallel at the Seder 3/25/2020
R' Baruch Simon Matza and Humility: A Spiritual Vaccine 3/26/2020
Tzippy Staum Can Distancing Bring Us Closer?: Exploring Some Examples Through Tanach 3/28/2020
Yaacov Metzger Beginner's Pesach Origami 3/30/2020
Rabbi Sam Frankel Mindfulness and Tefillah 3/31/2020
CB Neugroschl Seder Insights for Chinuch that Apply All Year 4/1/2020
Gabriel Geller Pesach Wine Review 4/2/2020
R' Sason Gabay Learn to Lead Your Family to Redemption on Seder Night 4/5/2020
R' Sason Gabay Shivti - Say Again? Same Story, Different Year: Examining the Mitzvah of Sippur Yetziyas Mitzrayim 4/5/2020
Chanani Sandler & Binyamin Ginzberg Pre-Pesach Kumzitz 4/12/2020
Rivka Herzfeld In the Midnight Hour I will Feel Your Power - ויהי בחצות הלילה 4/12/2020
R' Binyamin Yablok Jews in the Great War - 100 Years Ago 4/19/2020
Shera Dubitsky The Wizard of Maggid: Comparing The Wizard of Oz and Maggid, and the Lessons We Can Learn from Each 4/21/2020
Nechama Pudell Yashar Lachayal Introductory Meeting 4/26/2020
Moshe Markovitz Witnessing the Birth of the State of Israel 4/27/2020
R' Sason Gabay Shivti: Don't Forget! The Halachot of Remembering to Count Each Night of Sefirat HaOmer 5/3/2020
R' Michael Belgrade Profane Approaches to Holiness: Understanding Parshat Emor in a Contemporary Context 5/7/2020
Miriam Pascal Cooking Demo 5/10/2020
R' Larry Rothwachs From Parks to Schools and Golf Courses to Shuls: Preserving Health and Protecting Life While Pursuing Torah u'Mitzvot 5/11/2020
Shannon Gononsky, RD & Devora Wechter, RD Healthy Nutrition During These Challenging Times 5/12/2020
R' Larry Rothwachs וחי בהם: The Halachic Imperative of Personal Health Management 5/3/2020
R' Larry Rothwachs Five Unhealthy Habits of Orthodox Jews 5/5/2020
R' Binyamin Yablok Mostly Yerushlayim Recent Acquisitions 5/28/2020
R' Scott Hoberman The Impact of Archaeological Findings on the Halachic Process 5/19/2020
R' Michael Belgrade Sukkah Matza & Cheesecake.  What is the real mitzvah of Shavous


Erev Erev Shavous - now


Name Title Date Audio Link   Video Link
R' Larry Rothwachs BA Shavouos Promo 5/27/2020
Sholly Fisch Mincha and Siyum Tanach 5/27/2020
Tzippy Staum  Find our Path Through the Flags of Bamidbar & Journey of Ruth 5/27/2020
Rachel Frazer BeDibur Echad 5/27/2020
Jason Cyrulnik Unmasking the Holiday - The Untold Story of the Shavuot Festival 5/27/2020
R' David Bashevkin Lessons from Late Night - Amira, Dibbur, and Conan 5/27/2020
R' Larry RothwRabbi Buchwaldachs Plaguing Questions A Sampling of the Most Fascinating COVID-19 Halachic Questions 5/27/2020
R' Larry Rothwachs Outdoor Minyamin.  When will they start and what will they look like 5/31/2020


R' Larry Rothwachs 
Rabbi Buchwald The Baal Teshuva Movement: A revolution losing momentum”
R' Larry Rothwachs Embrace Uncertainty: The Six Most Important Takeaways from the COVID Crisis (Part 1)  


R' Larry Rothwachs Home Rediscovered: The Six Most Important Takeaways from the COVID Crisis Part 2  


R' Larry Rothwachs In the Distance: The Six Most Important Takeaways from the COVID Crisis (Part 3)  


R' Larry Rothwachs
Open for Questions: The Six Most Important Takeaways from the COVID Crisis (Part 4)


R' Larry Rothwachs
What a Wonderful World: The Six Most Important Takeaways from the COVID Crisis (Part 5)  


R' Larry Rothwachs
Less is More, More or Less: The Six Most Important Takeaways from the COVID Crisis (Part 6)    


R' Neil Lauer The Other Sheva Brachot  


R' Michael Belgrade  All for the Gory - Lessons in Jewish Leadership  


R' Larry  Rothwachs Right on the Money - Bilam, Reb Yossi, and the Pursuit of Wealth  


Yaakov Metzger Origami  


Sorole Levine Shiur    


Shabbos Hagadol Drasha 2020


video: Click here

Audio: Click here

Bishul B'Shabbos


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Special Pesach Shuirim


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April 10



April 17







Sefer Yonah - Models of Teshuva & Profiles of Prayer


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Parental Guidance Suggested


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Halachic Mythbusters


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Lectures at Beth Aaron

 Rena Ariel - 9/14/2016 
The mother of Hallel Yaffa Ariel, the 13-year-old girl who was murdered in her sleep in a terrorist attack at her home in Kiryat Arba in late June, spoke at the shul on “Having Emunah after the Unfathomable."


 Dov Lipman - 9/12/2016 
Former Knesset Member Dov Lipman represented Nefesh B'Nefesh


 Rabbi Senter 11/24/2016



 The Department of Synagogue & Community Services of the Orthodox Union presents


Executive Vice President Emeritus, Orthodox Union

"Heroes to Inspire Us: A Personal List"

He will discuss one historical figure from American Jewish history, one Hero of the Holocaust who was a prominent Religious Zionist, and the recently deceased Ben Zion Shenker, whose “heroic” songs will be heard. 

Rabbi Weinreb 12/4/2016

 Rebbetzin Chana Reichman 3/22/2017


Rabbi Jacob Steinmetz -“No Artscroll Necessary: Who Says We Have to Understand What We Learn?”

On Sunday, July 16, at 6:45 p.m., Meylekh Viswanath discussed a Shabbat he recently spent with the Bnei Noah of Vishakapatnam on the eastern coast of India. Most of the Bnei Noah are former Christians who were dissatisfied with the contradictions they see in the Christian understanding of Biblical sources and look instead to the Hebrew Bible and to the Jewish view of the obligations of Gentiles.



Daf HaShavua

I am thrilled to inform you that there have already been over 35 respondents to the sign-up sheet for more Torah study during the year ahead.  I am confident that there are many more who would gain immensely by committing to more Torah study, particularly the daf hashavua program. At 9:05 PM on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings (to end in time for the 9:30 maariv), a brief shiur, presenting approximately 1/3 of that week's daf, will be given in the beis medrash.  Needless to say, individuals are certainly encouraged to prepare with a chavrusa (for which we are happy to arrange), review the daf and explore teh daf in even greater depth. However, even if one can only commit to a total of one hour a week, this is an incredible opportunity to participate in an international learning project, which enables one to reach new heights and milestones in personal Torah growth.  Please follow the link below to sign up for this exciting initiative.

If you are looking for additional review (or if you miss a shiur), I would be honored if you considering listening to my shiur that will be featured 4x a week on the OUTorah website.

A brand new masechta, maseches beitzah begins this coming week!   Now is the perfect opportunity to join this effort.  Please join me and at least 35 of your fellow members in this great undertaking.   

For those who will be in Teaneck for the first days of sukkos, I will be giving the opening shiur on Beitzah 2a on Tuesday, following the 6 pm mincha.  

Looking forward to celebrating with you at the siyum on maseches beitzah in 9 months!

Resouces on Mesechet Beitza

OU Torah will be hosting audio shiurim, marei mekomot, vocabulary and bechinot on a dedicated page and more resources will be available online. Please share this link with your synagogue membership.

Kinnos 5776

 Kinnos 5776, Presented by Rabbi Rothwachs on August 14, 2016 at Beth Aaron

Reflections of the Mourning Light - Mourning and Consolation in Jewish Law & Thought 


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May 23
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Serving our Creator with a Healthy Body, Mind and Soul

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Insights into the Tefilot of the Yomin Noraim


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Sun, April 14 2024 6 Nisan 5784