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Yomim Noraim Seats

With the summer well underway and Rosh HaShana only weeks away, it's time to think about the upcoming Yamim Noraim. This year, as communicated in last week's "Preview for Yomim Noraim Seats" email, iy"h, there will be both indoor and outdoor minyanim options. Of the options for both, we will be offering minyanim at different times, locations, and of varying durations. Unfortunately, until we begin the registration process we will not know the specific details of each so it is of utmost importance that you register for seats as soon as possible. At this point in time, we are looking for signups based on the following information:

  • When: [Rosh Hashana / Yom Kippur] - note, multiple selections should be made as appropriate\
  • Location: [Indoors / Outdoors / Undecided / Not Attending]
  • Gender: [Male / Female]
  • Speed: [Abridged / Covid Normal]
  • Start time Shachrit: [Vasikin / 7am-8am / 8am-9am / 9am-10am]

As we collect registration details, minyanim will be formed and specific assignments made. Indoor minyanim will be spread across the four usual locations (Main Shul, Beit Medrash, Social Hall, Vasikin) but timing of minyanim and assignment of locations will not necessarily follow past years assignments. Outdoor minyanim will be located on varying properties, backyards or otherwise, and will have unwalled tents with lighting.


Additional Notes:

  • All minyanim indoors and outdoors will observe proper social distancing and require face masks.
  • There will be assigned seating for families and individuals at all minyanim in order to maximize each space.
  • Beth Aaron will not offer child care/babysitting this year for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Children capable of davening seated next to a parent are welcome to join any of the minyanim.
  • Seats may be purchased for guests from outside the community under the following conditions:
    • Guests cannot be from a region that would require quarantine (unless they come two weeks prior to Yom Tov and do quarantine)
    • Guests have been healthy and have not had exposure to a documented case of COVID-19 within two weeks
    • Guests have been abiding by all applicable rules of social distancing appropriate for their situation

Pricing for seats for the 5781 Yamim Noraim season are based upon prior year's charges, as further detailed below:


Seat requests should optimally be made online by visiting and following the instructions. Payments for seats may be made online from the seating request page.


For those wishing to pay by check, please drop off or mail checks, along with any other necessary payments, to the office. Checks should be marked "High Holiday Seats."


For those who are unable to make seating requests online, please contact the shul office to provide your seating request information as per the outline above, and to get payment details.


Wishing you and yours a healthy and wonderful rest of the summer,


Lenny Presby, High Holiday Seats Committee

Steven Hoenig, President

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