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Beth Aaron is pleased to offer a variety of minyan options at both indoor and outdoor locations. You may sign up for any one of these minyanim on a minyan by minyan basis at our online signup portal shown below. Before you sign-up, please be aware of some important rules for attending any one of our minyanim, especially those held indoors:

  • Face masks must be worn at all times, covering mouth and nose. This includes chazzanim and baalei keriyah.
  • Social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained between all individuals in shul at all times.
  • When at minyan, attendees will need to sit in designated seats, and may not move seats or any other signage or physical barriers that have been set up to control proximities of congregants.
  • Anyone who has recently traveled to other regions must adhere to state requirements for quarantining, before entering the building. 
  • Full compliance must be kept with the Beth Aaron guidelines on medical clearance.
  • It is absolutely prohibited for one who is ill to enter the shul building. If you do not feel 100% well, then you must stay home as entering shul in this state endangers all those around you.

Further guidance regarding our indoor minyanim:

  • Bathrooms will be open, as will lobby sinks on both upper floors. Water fountains will remain closed.
  • Traffic control will be implemented to minimize contact opportunities between individuals. Please pay attention to signage indicating direction and means of entrance and egress.
  • Doors will be kept open as much as possible. Please do not tamper with these items.
  • Once separation barriers are set up at the bimah in the different minyanim, we will return to calling people up to the Torah for Aliyot.
  • There will be no singing at any indoor minyan. Chazanim will be following nusach as appropriate, but will not be engaging the tzibbur in group song.

Vaccination Specific Updates:

Individuals who have an exposure to someone who is Covid-19 positive, or have traveled, will no longer be required to quarantine before returning to shul if they meet the following criterion:

  1. The exposure/travel occurred at least 14 days following receipt of the second dose of vaccination, whether it was Pfizer-BioNTech, or Moderna.
  2. The individual is completely asymptomatic.
  3. The individual received the second dose of vaccine within 90 days prior to exposure.


In addition, anyone who has had Covid-19 in the last 90 days, and is more than 10 days removed from the onset of symptoms, and is asymptomatic, is not subject to quarantine.

Advanced registration on our sign up portal, which also requires the signing of a waiver, is a requirement for entering our shul. It is important that every single individual entering shul for minyan does so on their own. This means that there should be absolutely no piggybacking. will be used as the portal for minyan signup. Beth Aaron has set up a landing page on the site for ALL of our indoor and outdoor minyanim. You will need to follow the following steps to sign up:

1. Select the specific minyan class you wish to sign up for (e.g. Sunday Shacharit or Weekday Mincha/Maariv). Depending on holidays falling out on a particular week, there may be addtional minyan classes available to choose from.

2. You will be asked to sign in to the portal. You may use your facebook or google account info to sign in, or create a new sign in. Either way, signing in will enhance the experience and is recommended.

3. Once in a class of minyanim, you will be able to select one of many minyan options and will be able to complete a sign up. Note that if the class of minyanim offers multiple days of minyan (e.g. sunday mincha/maariv , monday mincha/maariv), you will have one additional step of selecting the particular day before signing up.

4. Prior to completing the signup you will be asked to check a box with the Beth Aaron waiver. You will then be given the option to add the minyan signed up for to your google calendar if that is desired.

5. Once you click the 'save entries' or 'Done' button at the top of the screen, you will be able to go back to the signup landing page where you can select more minyanim to sign up for, or view a dashboard of the signed up minyanim.

Please note: On the new portal, each minyan option must be signed up for individually. You can do this all at one time, but do not assume that since you've signed up for one day's minyan, you have regular access to that minyan on every day. You must go into each and every minyan option to register.  Also, if your plans change and you will not be able to attend a minyan you have previously registered for, please be sure to go back into the portal and deselect that minyan so that someone else may take your spot. 

Signup options will be refreshed on a weekly basis, so you should expect to go onto the site at least weekly to sign up for the coming week's set of minyanim. Do not assume that your entries from one week carry over to the next.

Weekly Signups

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