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Kol ha-Ne'arim Project

The Kol ha-Ne’arim aliyah is a cherished minhag of the Simchat Torah holiday.

What a pleasure and honor it is for the members of the shul to share the nachat each year as we watch our children and grandchildren (and, for some, great-grandchildren) stand under an oversized chuppah and receive an aliyah.

Over the past few years, it became clear that our families and our community (kein yirbu) outgrew our chuppah and that it was in need of expansion. Therefore, a larger chuppah was created, as part of the Kol ha-Nearim Project.   

There are two ways that you may participate in this Project. The first is to submit the names of your children, grandchildren, and/or great-grandchildren to be machine-embroidered on the chuppah. The cost is $1.50 per letter. Please submit your names on the form below. The DEADLINE for submitting your names is July 11, 2017. After that date, we cannot guarantee the names will be included for Simchat Torah this year. Names will continue to be added each year.

Second, please consider participating in our Kol ha-Ne’arim Project by dedicating a chuppah interior valence or exterior valence panel or supporting pole. Please see the photos below of available dedications. The material and labor costs for the chuppah have been generously donated so that 100% of your contribution will benefit the shul. All sponsorships will be listed on the donor board in the main lobby.

 We look forward to celebrating together this Simchat Torah with our kehillah’s new chuppah.

Myron Chaitovsky


Dedication Opportunities 

Please list the names below in Hebrew to be embroidered onto the Beth Aaron Kol haNe'arim Tallit:

Family Names

Each listing will include first and last names in Hebrew only. Please click on the "Aleph" at the right of each box below to bring up the Hebrew keyboard. Names should be submitted in Hebrew only. At your option, you may choose to include middle names.  The cost is $1.50 per letter.


Pictures of the Chuppah

Each panel picture has a caption with the following information:

  • The name of the valence.
  • If it is the interior or exterior of the chuppah.
  • The name of the street outside the shul to which it is parallel.
  • The cost of the valance and whether is has been sold.

The four valances have exterior panels facing the congregants and interior panels surrounding the children when they stand under the chuppah to get their aliyah

The longer exterior panels are embroidered with the Shabbat bracha said over a girl or boy. The shorter exterior panels have pesukim embroidered on them.

Four angels are embroidered on the inside of the valences: Gavr'iel, Rafa'el, Micha'el and Uri'el.

The four valences hang parallel to these locations:

Gavri'el, parallel to Grayson Place
Rafa'el, parallel to Palisade Avenue
Micha'el, parallel to Edgemont Place
Ur'iel, parallel to the Queen Anne Road

The panels with the name of the same angel are sewn together to create the valence for that side.

Questions may be referred to Myron Chaitovsky,

NAMES: $1.50 per letter



Boy's Bracha - Uri'el Exterior (parallel to Queen Anne Road):     $3600

Boy's Bracha - Uri'el Interior (parallel to Queen Anne Road):     $3600

Girl's Bracha - Refa'el Exterior (parallel to Palisade Avenue):     $3600

Girl's Bracha - Refa'el Interior (parallel to Palisade Avenue):     $3600

Gavri'el Exterior Grayson Place:     SOLD

Gavri'el Interior Grayson Place:     SOLD
Micha'el Exterior Edgemont Place:    $1800
Micha'el Interior Edgemont Place:     SOLD
Ha-Malach ha-Go'el Panel:     $6000
                                        Corner Pole:             $2500 (4 available)
                                        Supporting Pole:     $1800 (5 available; 3 sold)
Thu, April 19 2018 4 Iyyar 5778