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Shabbat Chayal 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017 • 3 Iyyar 5777

All Day

This year, we chose to celebrate Shabbat Chayal by raising money for the Netzach Yehuda Battalion, also known in the states as Nahal Haredi, as well as two other worthy organizations. Eighty percent of monies raised for this year’s Kiddush will be used to support the Netzach Yehuda organization. The remaining twenty percent will be used in support of the Friends of Israel's Disabled Veterans organization and the summer youth program of Beit Yatir, our sister city.

Along with many other Beth Aaron members and children who have served or are serving in various units of the IDF, Beth Aaron’s own Akiva Pudell is currently serving in Netzach Yehuda and Chanan Schnaidman is a Netzach Yehuda veteran.

Monies collected for Netzach Yehuda will help fund maintenance costs for their Center for Soldiers and Veterans of the IDF in Jerusalem that offers vocational training, psychological counseling, and rooms for smachot such as Sheva Brachot or a brit. The Center is a place where veterans or soldiers can come and do homework with computer availability or is just a place for the soldiers to get together. We also will help support programs such as an assistance fund to help newly married soldiers. Your donations will also defray operating costs for the Rabbis who daily visit the 20+ bases throughout the country. The Rabbis of Netzach Yehuda come to provide chizuk to the soldiers, learn with the soldiers, provide advice and counseling, and join them for Shabbat and Yom Tov. The soldiers are greatly inspired by the Rabbis’ visits, which can be at any time -- whether in the middle of a training exercise or while soldiers are standing their posts at checkpoints or guard towers.


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Only $18, help support the programs and kiddushim we run throughout the year!

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