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Congregation Beth Aaron
950 Queen Anne Road
Teaneck, NJ 07666
(201) 836-6210
(201) 836-0005 fax


Office hours:

8:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm.
1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Winter hours: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Summer hours: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m 

Rabbi Laurence E. Rothwachs Rabbi


Steven Hoenig President  
Naftali Olivestone  Ritual Committee Chair  
David Horowitz Shabbos Gabbai 201-530-0464
Penina Persin Shul Administrator 201-836-6210
Debby Sheffey/Gabrielle Silverberg Sisterhood Presidents  
Moishe B. Singer Men's Club President  
Kovie Wagner Chevra Kadisha 917-733-4786
Moishe B. Singer Webmaster  


I would like information on becoming a member

To contact the shul office with announcements for the newsletter  

There are many Beth Aaron members who ensure that our davening, learning, activities, and other events all run smoothly. If you would like to become involved in or have a comment or suggestion related to a particular area, please contact the appropriate person, as indicated below.





email Address



Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gifts


Judy Gellerstein

Provides gifts to our children becoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah




Joel Richter

Responsible for the printed monthly calendar, including the zmanim






Louis Karp

Assists with cemetery arrangements and the sale of BA cemetery plots at Riverside Cemetery, Saddle Brook, NJ



Centerpiece Gemach



Michele Cooper

Contact for the rental of centerpieces, accent pieces, and artificial trees, with proceeds going to tzedakah


Chanukah Toy Drive


Evie Leifer

Coordinates the BA Chanukah toy drive




Toby Feder

Coordinates members who require chesed with those who can offer chesed


Chevra Kadisha


Kovie Wagner

Performs Chevra Kadisha activities for BA


Financial Arrangements


Fred Cohen

Assists with special financial arrangements


Fundraising/Parnas HaYom


Steve Hoenig

Responsible for all fundraising activities


Gabbai Main Minyan


David Horowitz

Responsible for allocating Shabbat Main Minyan kibbudim, including davening and aliyot


Gabbai 7:15 Hashkama Minyan


Josh Dubin / Moishe B. Singer

Responsible for allocating Shabbos 7:15 Hashkama Minyan kibbudim, including davening and aliyot

Gabbai 7:30 Hashkama Minyan Shalom Fisch / Pinny Wechter Responsible for allocating Shabbos 7:30 Hashkama Minyan kibbudim, including davening and aliyot


High Holiday Seats


Lenny Presby

Coordinates seats for the Yamim





Abe Leidner/Larry Kahn

Responsible for all day-to-day aspects of the building, including HVAC, lighting, grounds, etc.


Judaic Enrichment


Josh Dubin

Responsible for Judaic Enrichment programming and sponsorships




Moishe B. Singer

Responsible for all Shul Kiddushim

and events serving food


Kol ha-Ne’arim Tallit


Myron Chaitovsky

Contact to add names to the Kol ha-Ne’arim Tallit or select a dedication.




Mitch First/Josh Zakheim

Responsible for the upkeep of and donation to the library in the Beit Midrash




Rich Feldman

Responsible for ordering Etrog

and Lulav sets


Membership/New Members


Sheryl Dubin

Responsible for welcoming new members to our Beit Knesset


Memorial Plaques


Aviva Leffel

Contact to order memorial plaques



Men's Club


Moishe B. Singer

Responsible for Men’s Club programs, shul social activities and food projects




Moshe Teitelbaum

Contact for adding names to or removing names from the Mishebeirakh list



Yael Bernstein

Responsible for NCSY activities




Jesse Giles

Responsible for overall shul programming and ensuring there are no calendar conflicts

Reflector Belts

Contact to obtain reflector belts






Yakov Eizik

Responsible for ensuring the security of the building and surroundings, as well as requesting grants relating to security

Seforim Repair

Mark Sommer

Contact for the repair of seforim


Seudah Shlishit


Sam Berkowitz

Responsible for Seudah Shlishit







Debby Sheffey/
Gabrielle Silverberg

Responsible for the shul Sisterhood, shul social activities and food projects, primarily for women

Teen Minyan

Moshe Kinderlehrer/Steve Knapp

Responsible for the Teen Minyan


Torah Reading Main Minyan


Daniel Chazin

Responsible for arranging for laining in the Main Minyan on Shabbat


Tree of Life


Aviva Leffel

Contact to dedicate Tree of Life





Moishe B. Singer

Responsible for the BA website

infrastructure and maintenance


Welcome Baskets


Felicia Hoenig

Contact to advise of new families in the neighborhood so they can be welcomed


Yahrtzeit Calls


Mark Sommer

Responsible for calling members to notify them about yahrtzeits


Youth Department


Erica & Jason David

Responsible for BA youth programming

We are @

1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
Financial Secretary
Immediate Past President


Important People
Shul Office (Penina)

Officers and Members of the Board of Directors


President Steve Hoenig

1st Vice President
  Moishe B. Singer
2nd Vice President Josh Dubin
Vice President Finance Pinchas Wechter
Vice President Programming       Jesse Giles
Treasurer Feige Leidner
Secretary Annette Feldman
Financial Secretary Chaviva Stein


Board of Directors

Two Year Term 2020/2022

Aliza Fischman

Peter Globus

Isaac Hagler

Abe Leidner

Aryeh Lewitan

Jeff Neugroschl

Two Year Term 2019/2021

Jesse Giles
David Goldberg
Stephen Gruber
Joel Richter

Chanani Sandler

Two Year Term 2018/2020

Peter Globus
David Landsman
Abe Leidner
Aryeh Lewitan
Yair Mayerfeld
Jeff Neugroschl
Asher Toporovsky


One Year Term 2019/2020

Andy Dimond
Yakov Eizik
Rivka Herzfeld
Leah Greengart
Ziva Wagner
Aubrey Wolff


Immediate Past President

Josh Klavan

Thu, May 13 2021 2 Sivan 5781