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Charitable Opportunities

Commemorations/New Sponsorships
Our shul offers many opportunities to commemorate a special occasion or memorialize a departed family member:

Shabbat Announcements

If you would like to sponsor our Shabbat Announcements in honor or memory of a special person or occasion, please send your dedication along with your check for $54 to the shul office.

Shul General Fund

A minimum donations of $18.00 per listing may be made to the Shul General Fund to mark a special occasion or honor a family member or friend.  Send your donation to the shul office.

Siddurim and Chumashim

Siddurim and Chumashim may be donated to commemorate a special occasion or memorialize a loved one. Donations in the following amounts should be sent to the shul office:

$25.00 – ArtScroll Hebrew-only Siddur
$36.00 – ArtScroll Hebrew-English Siddur
$54.00 - Stone Chumash

Bertha and Harry Phillips Educational Scholarship Fund

A minimum donation of $18.00 per listing may be earmarked for the Bertha & Harry Phillips Educational Scholarship Fund, which helps enable students with special needs to obtain an appropriate Jewish education.

Rabbi Stanley Fisch Youth Fund

Many of today’s CBA members were not privileged to know my late husband, Rabbi Stanley Fisch.  Stan was known for his good humor and friendship, and for his extraordinary teaching abilities practiced for many years in Jewish education and in the NYC public school system.  Stan was a beloved community leader.  His volunteer activities ranged from chaplaincies at Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck Fire Department and TVAC (where he was chaplain and EMT) and Civil Air Patrol (where he was a youth leader, chaplain, pilot and search and rescue officer) and Boy Scout leader, among others.  Above all, he believed strongly in encouraging young people’s leadership, and giving of himself in every possible way.  Stan performed so many mitzvotquietly, and although he has been gone for over 15 years, we receive calls every week or two telling us of the tremendous influence he had on people’s lives.  When our family started a CBA youth fund in his memory, we saw this as a way to accomplish two important things simultaneously:

· to help our youth programming services grow
· to encourage members to inexpensively take note publicly of other members’ life events, thus spreading the feeling of the shul as family

We encourage everyone to support this fund in the spirit of “kol nedivat libo” – each at his or her own level of donation, low if necessary, or reaching as high as the sky and your budget allows - but without fanfare.   This is very much in keeping with Stan’s hashkafah on tzedakah - in pilot talk, CAVU - with ceiling and visibility unlimited, we can accomplish great things!   For practical purposes, the shul has requested that we introduce a minimum contribution of $5 per listing.

Library Fund and Marty Tillinger Media Library Fund

Donations of seforim may be made to our shul library. Contact Michael Sand (201-692-1456) for specific information. For information regarding donations of tapes and CDs to the Marty Tillinger Media Library, contact Susan Presby (201-836-4827).

Memorial Tablets

Memorialize your departed family members with a tablet on the Memorial Plaques in the Main Sanctuary.  Donations are $350.00 per tablet. Those who perished in the Holocaust may be memorialized on the Holocaust Memorial Plaque in the shul lobby, for a donation of $136.00. Please contact Larry Kahn, (201)530-1712, for more information.

Tree of Life

Leaves on the Tree of Life in the shul lobby may be inscribed for a donation of $100.00 per leaf to mark special occasions.  Please contact Larry Kahn, (201)530-1712, for more information.

Dedication of Pews

Pews in the Main Sanctuary may be dedicated for $2,000.00, and individual seats may be dedicated for $500.00.  There are also opportunities to dedicate plaques in the Beit Midrash and in the shul lobby. Please contact Aviva Leffel, (201)836-3207, for more information.

Multi-Sponsored Kiddush/Shalosh Seudot

Special occasions may be commemorated by joining as a sponsor of a kiddush on Shabbat morning or a Shalosh Seudot. For information on joining as a sponsor of a  kiddush, click here.

For information on sponsoring a Shalosh Seudot, contact Sam Berkowitz (201-692-1164).

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