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50th Anniversary Website

Where Are They Now?  Catching up with our Olim


In celebration of the upcoming 50th anniversary, the Israel Committe is currently organizing a series of recorded interviews with former Beth Aaron members who have made Aliya. The series,  "Where are they Now?  Catching up with our Olim"  will be shared with you over the coming weeks.  During the interviews, we discuss their aliyah experiences, how their family lifestyles have changed in their new home, some surprises they have encountered along the way, and recollections of their time with the overall Beth Aaron family. Support of Israel and aliyah is a core Beth Aaron value. To that end, this initiative was created to include our friends who have moved to Israel , as we all celebrate this very special milestone in the history of our shul.  

Sun, March 3 2024 23 Adar I 5784