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 Events, Committees and youth

Our shul has a great Youth and Teen Youth Department.  We also have a great Men's Club and Sisterhood.

Teen Youth Department

We are proud members of Teaneck NCSY.  For more details please contact  Daniel & Cayla

Men's Club

The Board of the Beth Aaron's Men's Club  for the 2019-2020 membership year is as follows:

  • President - Moishe B. Singer 
  • Vice-Presidents -  Steven Gellerstein, Joshua Zakheim
  • Treasurer - Robert Sperber
  • Board Members - Larry Kahn, Gerhson Kravetz,  Martin Lazar, David Landsman, David Goldberg


Our Men's Club runs our weekly kiddushim, many of our events, and is behind the scene in many things in our shul.  Come join us today! E-mail us to get more information or to join and volunteer! 


The complete slate of officers for the 2019-2020 membership year is as follows:

Gabrielle Silverberg & Debby Sheffey, Co-Presidents

Sari Samuel, Treasurer 

Board Members
Chaviva Rothwachs (ex-officio) 
Erica David
Deena Fisher
Felicia Hoenig
Esther Olivestone
Ziva Wagner
Beth Zell


The Sisterhood runs many events in our shul, as well as our welcoming committee.

Upcoming Events


All Events
  • Wednesday ,
    MayMay  25 , 2022
    Annual Membership Meeting
    Wednesday, May 25th 8:30p to 9:30p


  • Saturday ,
    MayMay  28 , 2022
    Hot Multi Sponsored Kiddush
    Shabbat, May 28th 11:00a to 12:00p
    May 28, 2022 - Hot MSK (Multi Sponsored Kiddush) - Sponsorship Levels of $72, $100, $136, $200, $360


  • Saturday ,
    MayMay  28 , 2022
    Shabbos Par-Tea
    Shabbat, May 28th 4:30p to 5:45p
    Beth Aaron invites the women of the shul for a get-together at the home of Chaviva Rothwachs. Future get-together dates are April 30 and May 28.


  • Monday ,
    MayMay  30 , 2022
    Hakarot Hatov Breakfast
    Monday, May 30th 9:30a to 11:00a
    Join Beth Aaron in expressing our gratitude and appreciation to Erica & Jason David for their 13 years of dedication and service to the youth of Beth Aaron. The cost is $25 per family. All are invited. Sign up at To be a sponsor for this event, select your sponsorship option below, or contact the office or Steven Hoenig at


  • Friday ,
    JunJune  3 , 2022
    Purchase from the Bake Sale
    Friday, Jun 3rd (All day)


  • Saturday ,
    JunJune  11 , 2022
    Graduation Kiddush 2022
    Shabbat, Jun 11th 11:00a to 12:00p
    Honor our graduates!


  • Saturday ,
    JunJune  18 , 2022
    Hot Multi Sponsored Kiddush
    Shabbat, Jun 18th 11:00a to 12:00p
    Annual Kiddsuh honoring our youth leaders as well as thanking the Davids for their years of working with our Youths - Sponsorship Levels of $72, $100, $136, $200, $360, $500


  • Saturday ,
    JunJune  18 , 2022
    Siyum Mishnayot 2022
    Shabbat, Jun 18th 7:15p to 8:45p
    On Shabbat, June 18, at Seudah Shlishit, Beth Aaron will hold its Annual Siyum Mishnayot event. Thank you to all the volunteers who have participated in learning in memory of Pearl and Morris Weissman. Additional sponsorships are being accepted until Wednesday, June 15.  The Mishnayot sign-up is at If you have any questions, please contact Alden Leifer, 201-907-0309,


  • Sunday ,
    JunJune  26 , 2022
    Congregation Beth Aaron Sisterhood Book Club
    Sunday, Jun 26th 7:30p to 8:30p
    The Beth Aaron Sisterhood Book Club will meet virtually to discuss “The Patriots” by Sana Krasikov. Join via Zoom at Meeting ID: 312 610 4531. Passcode: 5782.



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